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However, while there's no shortage of channels to watch on YouTube on,  Outside of YouTube, he's a chess instructor, so he has a lot of experience teaching. Hello everyone - This is a chess channel :) Here you can find interesting things about chess, chess news and some amazing games. We found a significant drop-off in viewer retention around the half . Get inside the mind of a chess master, as he plays longer time control chess games while providing his thoughts live! 35:49 Standard Chess #1 // A Killer Queen's Gambit - Duration: 35 minutes. Comments. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. I want to find other content creators than can maybe collaborate with me! View the daily YouTube analytics of agadmator's Chess Channel and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts. I think it might be a helpful for some mid-level players to see how someone else in their rating range thinks. Less chess and more machine gun slugging match. Today, I'm going to write about the top 5 chess YouTube Channels that are great for learning about the game. however, when i've starting watching a new channel,  20 Mar 2020 Why not play a game of chess with someone from the other side of the Channels like Agadmator's run you through great games of the past as  Hey! What are your favourite YouTube channels? Mine is Agadmator's chess channel. kingscrusher. com creates interactive chess products , services and utilities , including: visual learning tools to increase ratings; branded digital marketing solutions to generate traffic; and powerful publishing tools to create chess e-books. Chess Network. General FIDE YouTube channel, Twitch, World Chess YouTube channel. But if you are new to the game, here's where you can learn all the Best Chess Youtube channels. BotezLive - Channel. Norway Chess -Blitz de divertissement - Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes. com/channel/UCfOEkZENPfnftraqUmX_71w · Selvam93 pls subscribe our youtube channel; Selvam93 about chess openings  23 Jun 2020 Broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo has around 12. John Bartholomew. Follow Code  14 Jan 2020 33:45- When the Agadmator channel began, what were the most popular chess channels? How does he build a community via his YouTube  26 Apr 2017 We've put together a list of kid-friendly YouTube channels on STEM and Chess Lessons for Kids and Rugrats and Rooks - Fun videos to  7 Aug 2018 YouTube quietly rolls out subscription-inspired 'Join' button. however, when i've starting watching a new channel, it's usually because youtube's sly algorithms suggested it to me. Number 5: John Bartholomew John Bartholomew is an IM with a FIDE rating of 2455 and a USCF rating of 2541. Chess: Immortal Games, Vol. 2. it would have been nice if there was some sort of document that listed and reviewed all chess Antonio Radić (born 16 June 1987) is a Croatian chess player and host of agadmator's Chess Channel on YouTube. He makes the legends come alive and ones can't help but learn while  FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019 organized by World Chess (Moscow, May 16-30). agadmator's Chess Channel. YouTube The 'Join ' feature lets fans support their favourite channels with a monthly donation. I'm a 33 year-old chess professional from Minnesota, USA, and I post instructional chess Apr 22, 2020 · Check this channel out too if you have time, it has different playlists, some focused on endgames, others on openings, on famous games analysis, some videos are on chess basics, etc: youtube link chessmix63 Hi Friends, Welcome to Chess Talk! I'm Jeetendra Advani from Mumbai, India. 22. i had no way of finding it. Although this channel posts  2 May 2017 review of chess youtube channels. Youtube Takes Down CHESS PODCAST for Being HARMFUL or DANGEROUS [agadmator channel - 06/28/20] youtube ^ | 06/28/2020 | agadmator Posted on 06/28/2020 6:27:14 AM PDT by SES1066. GJ_Chess. MMA Fighting is your home for the latest news, videos and much more from the world of mixed martial arts. question · favourite · youtube. He has the largest YouTube chess channel as of June 2020, with over 696,000 subscribers. 19 Apr 2019 'Gears Tactics' Is a Bloody, Rapid-Fire Reinvention of XCOM. From our live weekly shows to extensive coverage of the biggest events across the globe, MMA Fighting's YouTube channel has it all for the casual and hardcore fans of MMA. Hello! I’m trying to get better at chess. We recently analyzed 56,000+ YouTube views across four small yet effective YouTube channels. 12 Nov 2012 In these articles I explain the ratings system for chess and talk about both FIDE and The World Chess Federation. 1y. Magnus Carlsen defeated Ding Liren, Ian Nepomniachtchi lost to Anish Giri. Once I Chess. If you already know, check out some of our exciting other content. com (I’m about 1450 rated) and wanted to know some YouTube channels that would help me get better. Now some disclaimers, this is obviously my opinion  20 Jun 2019 The PowerPlayChess channel by famous GM and chess coach Daniel King from England contains about a 1 000 videos where he shares his  ChessExplained is the channel of IM Cristof Sielecki. Youtube has grown to be a massively useful resource for chess players. 3:54. On his channel, Radić reviews both recent and historical chess games, often focusing on recent games during big tournaments such as Grand Chess Jun 26, 2020 · About Youtuber A channel dedicated to the greatest sport on the planet - mixed martial arts. thechesswebsite. 3 Apr 2019 Content can also be found on our extensive social media channels. For  22 Nov 2019 According to the complaint, the companies collected that information from viewers of child-directed YouTube channels in the form of persistent  2 days ago www. Feedspot's Top Chess Youtube Channels – 15 Chess Youtube  11 Dec 2018 The 31-year-old Croatian's YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing chess channels on the internet. 20. com. If you just are interested in chess though, no worries, there definitely are sites below for you. Feb 21, 2018 · Youtube channels to learn chess. Outside of YouTube, he’s a chess instructor, so he has a lot of experience teaching. VIRALCHESS Chess Channel Trailer Show less Read more Uploads Play all. Rob Zacny. >> FIDE to Hold Online Olympiad. Also any other suggestions to get better would be helpful! review of chess youtube channels hi. However, armed with an iPad and a Google Chromecast, I am getting to really appreciate YouTube now since I can now relax on my sofa, watch the video on my tv and still doodle on my iPad at the Channels here are ordered arbitrarily with no preferences: IM Andrew Martin Chess Videos. If you are interested, the link is -here-. Chess youtube channels list is ranked by popularity based on total channels subscribers, video views, video uploads, quality & consistency of videos uploaded. Starting with an Unboxing video, then Solo Setup/Rules Overview videos and an unscripted and unstaged real-time playthrough. Simon Williams. From an early age I started playing chess. It appears Chess on Twitch racked up over 8 million hours in May. These to Jul 02, 2020 · Antonio Rodic's podcast series was removed from YouTube for referring to 'black against white' Credit: Twitter Croatian ace Antonio Radic’s ‘Agadmator’s Chess Channel’ has over 700,000 What chess YouTube channels do you subscribe to? I have never paid much attention to YouTube before since I am not really fond of viewing videos online. hi. I am also interested in subscribing Watch the best online chess shows streaming live as you chat with other viewers. 26130. Jun 23, 2020 · Canada About Youtuber Hello, board game enthusiasts and newcomers! You've landed on my YouTube channel, Rolling Solo! I focus on showcasing board games. 2 (#100 of 100): Luis Eduardo Avella agadmator's Chess Channel - Channel. GMHikaru - Channel. About Youtuber All chess videos are brought to you by thechesswebsite. com - Channel. John Bartholomew My top choice! John offers great advice on chess fundamentals and has a great personality. devTea. I own a chess youtube channel (Chess Geek) and my channel is focused on improving players with videos specific to their requests (You can comment what video you want). Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. We listed some of our favorite Youtube channels. This channel is designed to provide training on various aspects of chess like ope The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis brings in a rotation of the top players in the country to fill the role of Resident Grandmaster. Most of the videos are him thinking aloud while playing blitz, and they provide excellent insight into the  9 Nov 2019 Learning chess from YouTube is a popular and fun way to learn. The event will take place from July 22 till August  11 Mar 2020 The AI on this channel learns to do many interesting tasks, like walking, solving a Rubik's Cube, and playing chess and Flappy Bird. In two years he has built an audience  His YouTube channel is an absolute jem and a great contribution to the world of chess. YouTube has an amazing selection of Chess channels ChessCreator. Check all of my videos here This is a series of lessons to teach you how to play chess. Get YouTube Premium Browse channels Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. 1. For questions about specific images, please call 202-358-1900. Jun 23, 2020 · Chess Youtube Channels. I have a pretty decent rating on chess. 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, making it the most popular in the Philippines. so i like watching youtube people's reviews of games, openings, etc. chess24. youtube. Greetings! My name is IM John Bartholomew (FIDE: 2446, USCF: 2534). MadushanBDissanayake Feb 21, 2018 #1 What are the best youtube channels to learn Chess for Average players? (1500-2000). Hi everyone. Definitely my go-to for advice. 04. Favorite. Check all of my videos here   23 Feb 2020 A bar chart race showing the largest chess channels on YouTube from 2010 to 2019 including Agadmator, ChessTalk, ChessNetwork,  29 Nov 2019 Therefore, I present to you the top five Youtube channels for chess content worth your watch. To improve my chess I recently started recording my games with some commentary and posting them on YouTube. Saint Louis Chess Club. Chess. Agadmator runs an extremely popular chess-only youtube channel / subscription and it has been on with no problems for YEARS. chess youtube channels

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